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9.30 and 11.15am Morning Gathering

Slow Motion Sacrifice
The death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus are central to the gospel we believe.
May the LORD restore to us the joy of our salvation, as we slow down and focus on Jesus’ death in our place.
7 April                           A Friend Denied
                                     Luke 22:39-62
14 April                         A Trial Rigged
                                     Luke 22:63-23:25
19 April (10.30am)        A Thief Welcomed
Good Friday (All Age)   Luke 23:32-49
21 April                         A Tomb Vacated
Easter Day (All Age)     Luke 23:50-24:12
28 April                        Burning Heart
                                    Luke 24:13-25
5 May                          Opened Minds
                                    Luke 24:36-53
12 May                        Guest Preacher
Mission Sunday           Jamie Read
Jesus Wins!
The book of Revelation is a source of enormous encouragement for Christians.
The images, pictures and numbers are there to help.
19 May                         The Revelation of Christ
The Lord’s Supper       Revelation 1-5
26 May                         Who can stand?
All Age                         Revelation 6-7
2 June                          The Trumpet Sounds
                                    Revelation 8-11
9 June                          The Woman, the Dragon, the Lamb
                                    Revelation 12-13
16 June                        Two ultimate destinies
The Lord’s Supper       Revelation 14-15:4
23 June                        What if I’m spiritual but not religious?
Taster Sunday     
30 June                        The Seven Plagues
                                     Revelation 15:5-16:21

6.30pm Evening Gathering

Don’t you just love (HIM) being in control?
The Sovereignty of God should be comforting for the believer, but often it disturbs and muddles us. 
How should we think about it?
10 March                     The sovereignty of God and salvation
17 March                     The sovereignty of God and prayer
24 March                     Guest preacher
                                    James Leggett
31 March                     The sovereignty of God and suffering 
7 April                          The sovereignty of God and suffering
The Lord’s Supper
14 April                        What Christians Proclaim
                                    1 Corinthians 2:1-5
18 April (7.30pm)         A Sacrifice Prepared
Maundy Thursday        Luke 22:1-23
21 April                        What Christians Believe
Easter Day                   1 Corinthians 15:1-11 
The Perfect Saviour
Hebrews is a wonderful letter to study, exalting the person and work of the Lord Jesus in great depth and colour.
Come and rejoice in our sufficient Saviour!
28 April                         The Divine Son
                                     Hebrews 1:1-2:4
5 May                           The Human Brother
The Lord’s Supper       Hebrews 2:5-3:1
12 May                         Guest Preacher
Mission Sunday            Jamie Read
19 May                         The Vital Warning
                                    Hebrews 3:1-4:16
26 May                         The Perfect Priest
                                     Hebrews 5-7
2 June                          The Perfect Sacrifice
The Lord’s Supper       Hebrews 8-10
9 June                          The Response – Faith
                                     Hebrews 11
16 June                         The Response – Perseverance
                                     Hebrews 12
23 June                         What if there is only one way to God?
Big Words that End in SHUN!
There are lots of big Bible words ending in shun (tion)!
They show us what the Lord has done, through his son Jesus.
30 June                           Propitiation