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9.30 and 11.15am Morning Gathering

Jesus Wins!
The book of Revelation is a source of enormous encouragement for Christians.
The images, pictures and numbers are there to help.
19 May                         The Revelation of Christ
The Lord’s Supper       Revelation 1-5
26 May                         Who can stand?
All Age                         Revelation 6-7
2 June                          The Trumpet Sounds
                                    Revelation 8-11
9 June                          The Woman, the Dragon, the Lamb
                                    Revelation 12-13
16 June                        Two ultimate destinies
The Lord’s Supper       Revelation 14-15:4
23 June                        What if I’m spiritual but not religious?
Taster Sunday     
30 June                        The Seven Plagues
                                     Revelation 15:5-16:21
7 July                            Fallen is Babylon!
                                     Revelation 17-18
14 July                          Evil destroyed  
                                     Revelation 19-20
21 July                          The new creation
The Lord’s Supper        Revelation 21
28 July                           He’s coming soon
                                      Revelation 22
Praise the Lord!
The final portion of the Bible’s songbook lifts our eyes and our hearts to the LORD our God and to His Christ!
4 August                        Praise the God of the gospel
                                      Psalm 146
11 August                      Praise the God of the church
                                      Psalm 147
18 August                      Praise the God of creation
                                      Psalm 148
25 August                      Praise the God of judgement
                                      Psalm 149
1 September                  Praise the God of the Bible
                                      Psalm 150
Jesus Glorified
The person of Jesus is so impressive in so many ways, and yet often people can’t stomach his terms!   
8 September                  Preparing for Jesus’ death
Commission Sunday      John 12:1-11
15 September                The arrival of the King
The Lord’s supper         John 12:12-19
22 September                The pattern of the seed
                                       John 12:20-26
29 September                 The glory of the King
                                        John 12:27-36
6 October                        Unbelief explained
                                        John 12:37-50

6.30pm Evening Gathering

Big Words that End in SHUN!
There are lots of big Bible words ending in shun (tion)!
They show us what the Lord has done, through his son Jesus.
30 June                           Propitiation
7 July                               Adoption
The Lord’s Supper
14 July                             Redemption
21 July                             Reconciliation
28 July                             Justification
God’s king finally reigns…or does he?
Now God’s king has been established, how will God’s kingdom fare?
Through the ups and downs of David’s reign there is much to learn of king Jesus.
4 August                          The kindness of the king
The Lord’s Supper           2 Samuel 9:1-10:19
11 August                         The disaster of the king
                                         2 Samuel 11:1-12:31
18 August                         Foolish schemes
                                         2 Samuel 13:1-14:33
25 August                         Politics and power
                                         2 Samuel 15:1-17:23
1 September                    The king returns
The Lord’s Supper           2 Samuel 17:24-20:25
8 September                    The problem and hope of the kingdom
                                         2 Samuel 21:1-24:25
Ever Increasing Circles
The Risen Lord Jesus continues to work through his people,
spreading the unstoppable good news of forgiveness and eternal life.
15 September                  Jesus’ ongoing deeds
                                        Acts 1:1-2
22 September                  Ever-increasing circles
                                        Acts 1:1-26
29 September                  The coming of the Holy Spirit
                                        Acts 2:1-13