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6.30pm Evening Gathering

The finest sermon ever (Matthew 5)

The most famous sermon ever preached with ethical teaching many people have heard before. But could we be missing something?  Come and hear from the lips of the God man himself!

14 July           Matthew 5:1-11          A blessed life

21 July           Matthew 5:13-16        Salt of the earth

28 July           Matthew 5:17-20        The law filled full

4 Aug             Matthew 5:21-26        Murder in heart

11 Aug           Matthew 5:27-32        Adultery in heart

18 Aug           Matthew 5:33-37        Your word is your bond

25 Aug           Matthew 5:38-42        Revenge?

1 Sept            Matthew 5:43-48        Be perfect


Songs of Experience

The songs of the Old Testament have much resonance for the believer today. We hear their sounds and follow their focus in Christ.

8 Sept           Psalm 15      The tested

15 Sept         Psalm 16      The resilient

22 Sept         Psalm 22      The forsaken

29 Sept         Psalm 23      The loved