Children on Sundays

Our aim is to help our children and young people to learn more about Jesus and his love for us, and what it means for a young person to follow him today. On Sundays we do this in our age-related groups by looking at a different Bible story each week, thinking about it together and having fun with follow-up activities and games in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. At both 9.30 and 11.15am we start off together in church with everyone else, before moving off into the Church Hall for our groups. Each age-group has its own team of leaders and helpers who get to know the children well.  

Bible Tots (0-3 yrs old)

Babies and Toddlers up to their third birthday A supervised creche is available during both morning services. There are toys to play with, drinks and biscuits, and time for a short Bible story and singing too.  

Scramblers (3-6 yrs old)

Aged 3 up to the end of Year 1 at school As Scramblers we begin by sharing news, singing, and praying. We then use big, flannel-board pictures as we hear about God through a true story from the Bible and think about how we can follow Jesus. We have lots of fun and keep very active – sticking, painting, using Play-do, modelling and playing games. Thirsty work – so we have refreshments too!  

Climbers Plus (6-11 yrs old)

Years 2 to 6 at school In Climbers Plus we begin by sharing news, singing and praying. We then use a series called “On the Way” to learn what God is teaching us in the Bible about how to follow Jesus. We have games and activities that fit with the stories (lots of sticking, drawing and colouring!) and which, along with some memory verses, help us to remember all about them. We also enjoy a glass of squash together!  

ExPaths (11-14 yrs old)

Years 7 to 9 at school We aim to help our young people grow in their knowledge of Jesus and love for him. We do this by studying what the Bible has to say, praying together and building friendships with people of a similar age. We look at the same passage as the adults every week, studying what a particular passage of the Bible is about and what God says about issues that we face in our everyday lives. This equips us with everything we need to be sure about our faith in Jesus. There are two annual camps each summer for ages 10-14 and 14-18, that many of our young people go to and enjoy.