Sermon Questions

Post sermon discussion questions for further reflection…
Sunday 24th May – Isaiah 49:1-13
verse 1-6
What do we know about the servant’s
– identity? (v.1-3)
– experience? (v.4)
– ministry? (v.2, 5-6)
How does v.6b correct our thinking about Jesus?
How does it spur us on to serve Jesus?
verse 7-13
What does God promise the servant? (v.7-9a)
What does God promise the servant’s people? (v.9b-12)
What is the spiritual substance of the metaphors used?
To what extent is our response the same as v.13?
Which verses will make it more so?
Sunday 17th May – John 11
verse 1-16
How would you describe the relationship between Jesus and this family?
What is strange about what Jesus does/doesn’t do? What is his explanation?
verse 17-27
What does Martha know?
How does Jesus’ claim fit into what she knows?
verse 28-37
How is Jesus’ response to death reassuring for us?
How would you answer the question in v.37?
verse 38-44
What does Jesus pray here? How does it fit with John’s purpose in writing the gospel in 20:31?
Why is Jesus trustworthy for all of life and death?


Sunday 10th May – Luke 19:11-27
1. Why does Jesus tell this parable?
2. How does the parable correct the people listening?
3. What was the master looking for in his servants?
4. How would you describe the character of the master?
5. How and why might you be tempted to think like the third servant?
6. When living in the delay, in what ways does this parable encourage us to keep serving King Jesus with all that he has given us?
Sunday 3rd May – Luke 19:1-10
1. How are the rich ruler and Zacchaeus similar?  And how are they different? 
2. How does 18:27 help us understand what happens to Zacchaeus?
3. How do you think Zacchaeus felt as Jesus summoned him down?
4. How would you describe his attitude to Jesus in v. 8?  And his transformed attitude to money?
5. When you idolise money, what do you think the “deep idols” are underneath?
6. How does knowing (and being known by) Jesus loosen the grip of those “deep idols”?  
7. What does 19:10 say about our situation and Jesus’ purpose? Why is it important to understand this? 
Sunday 26th April – Luke 16:1-15
1. In 16:1-9, what does Jesus say is the main lesson of the parable?  How is the manager, in the parable, putting into practice the principle of v9?
2. How can we imitate the shrewdness of the steward?  How does that excite you?!
3. What kind of things does the world count as a wise investment?  What would Jesus say?
4. What is the principle Jesus is teaching in 16:10-12? 
5.  Do you see money as your own, or as a resource entrusted to you by God?  How would your spending habits change, if you saw yourself as a steward, not an owner?
6. Where might we be justifying ourselves in the eyes of men, when it comes to money?
7. Where do you need to ask God for help, in your attitude to money?
NB Some questions are taken from this Bible Study resource resources/study/46/
Sunday 19th April – Luke 12:13-21
1. When and how are you most likely to be tempted to greed?
2. Which one ‘top tip’ will you work on in the next few weeks? Admit the danger, beware of browsing or grow in gratitude?
3. What do you tend to forget more; that life is more than this life or that life is more than your life?
4. Reflect on Hebrews 13:5 and the wealth of riches we have in God himself being with us and never leaving us.
Sunday 5th April – Isaiah 48
1. In what areas of life might you still be refusing to submit to the Lord (an iron neck) or change your mind (bronze forehead) (v.4)?
2. What is it about God in v.12-22 that will encourage you to keep trusting and obeying Him?
3. Read Romans 5:1-2 and Philippians 4:4-7
Christ has secured our peace that can guard our hearts and minds.
What are we to trust and obey in the Philippians verses so that we know that guarding more and more?

Sunday 29th March – Isaiah 46-47

1. Which idols are you still attracted to? Are there any which surface because of the current lockdown?
2. How have you experienced the burden of idolatry (46:1-2) and why is it so foolish? (47)
3. What is it about God from Isa.46 that will keep you trusting Him and not idols?


Sunday 22nd March – John 18: 1-27

1. Jesus said to Peter, “Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me?”  What was he talking about? 
2. Given how much we try and avoid suffering, how do verses 1-11 make you feel about Jesus?
3. Do you ever feel like you’re a failed disciple?  How does it help to to see Jesus going to his death while Peter is disowning him outside, just as Jesus knew he would?
4. How does this passage prompt you to thank and praise the Lord Jesus?