Twenties & Thirties




Wednesday evenings, 7.30pm-9.15pm
Young adults come to Bournemouth and Poole area for all sorts of reasons – to study, to work, to enjoy the beach…
Whatever brought you to the area, we would love the TNT group at Christ Church to be a highlight of your time here – come along and give it a try!
We hope that you will find people who are:
  • Gripped by the gospel of Jesus Christ
Our prayer is that we would be gripped by Jesus Christ as we meet him in his word, so that we might trust him, love him and live for him.
  • A family of believers
One of the great joys of following Jesus is being adopted into a family of other believers who encourage and support us in the Christian life. Many people find that a group like TNT can be a great place for making solid Christian friends. 
  • Reaching out to others
There is nothing worse that a cosy Christian bubble. As a church we are passionate about seeing the good news of Jesus reach our colleagues, friends and neighbours. Sharing the gospel is exciting but daunting, and our hope is that TNT provides encouragement and help along the way.
Come and join us…
  • Wednesday evenings
  • 7.30pm-9.15pm
  • In the church building
If you would like more details please email Warren

Special groups

  • Christianity Explored is a very accessible and informal way for people of all ages to investigate Christianity for themselves.
  • Parents of young children might also find these midweek groups useful.



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