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Life Explored looks at how we can find lasting happiness. It helps us uncover where we look for meaning and satisfaction and shows that the greatest pleasure in life is enjoying God himself. Beginning Thursday 7th January, 7.30pm on Zoom. For more details or to register your interest, please contact andy@christchurchwestbourne.com or tel: 01202 760952.
Wessex Gospel Partnership (WGP) Training
The WGP is a group of Bible believing evangelicals in Dorset who exist to glorify God by growing gospel ministry in the Wessex region.  
We are hosting a training course for those in any kind of gospel ministry.
The course runs fortnightly during the academic year, on Tuesday mornings. 
Contact nick@christchurchwestbourne.com or click here for more information.

A very accessible and informal way for anyone to investigate Christianity for themselves, which is run regularly at Christ Church.

For more information, please contact andy@christchurchwestbourne.com or phone 01202760952

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