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What is success? What does it look like in today’s world?
We’ve known frailty with the death rates. We’ve known loss of control with cancelled diaries. We’ve known relational turmoil because of lockdown. What does success look like now for a human being, particularly as we face our own mortality. What does success look like then?
We invite you to an evening with some answers on Friday 14th May at 7.30pm on YouTube. Join through this link.
This event is being hosted by 2 churches in Bournemouth – Christ Church Westbourne and Lansdowne – along with speaker Rico Tice. The event will include a live Q&A after the talk. Why not submit a question now, and then join to hear a response.
Submit your questions via email to laura.wood@lansdownechurch.uk

Join us on Sunday 16th May at 10.30am when we will be looking at this question.
What does God think about me? How can I get the information on it? How can I know it’s true? How can I act on it?
Join both in person by booking your place here or by watching online here.
Rico Tice is Senior Minister for Evangelism at All Souls Langham Place, London and Founder of Christianity Explored Ministries. 
He has written on evangelism (Honest Evangelism) and most recently leadership (Faithful Leaders).
He is married to Lucy and they have three children. 

If you have been curious as to what Christianity is about for a while, or it’s simply that you have big questions about life, please do join us for Christianity Explored.

You don’t need to know anything about the Bible, and you won’t be asked to pray or sing. You can ask any question you like, or just sit and listen.

There are 7 sessions, and each session involves a short video followed by a discussion looking at the evidence given by one of the Bible’s most straightforward documents: Mark’s Gospel. Why not just try the first session? We begin on Thursday 15th April, 7.30pm on Zoom.

For more information and the login details please contact Andy Nash on andy@christchurchwestbourne.com

Wessex Gospel Partnership (WGP) Training
The WGP is a group of Bible believing evangelicals in Dorset who exist to glorify God by growing gospel ministry in the Wessex region.  
We are hosting a training course for those in any kind of gospel ministry.
The course runs fortnightly during the academic year, on Tuesday mornings. 
Contact nick@christchurchwestbourne.com or click here for more information.

A very accessible and informal way for anyone to investigate Christianity for themselves, which is run regularly at Christ Church.

For more information, please contact andy@christchurchwestbourne.com or phone 01202760952

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