It’s Good to Be a Girl

It’s Good to Be a Girl

A Celebration of All That God Made You to Be
by By Jen Oshman & Zoe Oshman, illustrated by Hsulynn Pang

This beautifully illustrated book celebrates that God made girls in his image and explores all the wonderful things he designed them to be and to do.

Girls aged 3-7 will learn that they are good and necessary, how God calls different women to do different things, and how trusting in Jesus is the key to help us love and serve others wherever we are.

Follow along as a little girl learns from her mother all about real women from the Bible and later history. Together they imagine lots of different ways in which we can reflect God’s character and help those around us today, whether that’s through being a mom or a missionary, a truck driver or a teacher!

Young girls will learn that they have been carefully designed by God and that whatever they do in life, they can reflect who God is by following Jesus.