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9.30 and 11.15am Morning Gathering

Kingdom Growth
Jesus, Jesus quite contentious, how does your kingdom grow?
10 September         The Sowing of the Word
                                Mark 4:1-20
17 September         The Measure of the Word
The Lord’s Supper  Mark 4:21-25
24 September        The Power of the Word
                               Mark 4:26-34                                         
1 October               The Man of the Word
                               Mark 4:35-41
Reformation 500
This year marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in Europe.
Why does it still matter today?
8 October                Scripture Alone
Gift & Pledge Day    2 Timothy 3:14-17
15 October              What can Jesus do for you?
Taster Sunday         Mark 10:46-52
22 October              In Christ Alone
The Lord’s Supper  Isaiah 53:1-12 & John 2:1-2
29 October              By Grace Alone
All Age                     Ephesians 2:1-10
5 November             Through Faith Alone
                                Psalm 32 and Romans 4
12 November          Glory to God Alone
Remembrance Sunday Psalm 29 & 1 Corinthians 11:31
19 November          Persevering and Pressing On
The Lord’s Supper  Psalm 78 & Timothy 1:1-14
Whole World, One King
Isaiah receives the grand vision of all nations of the world coming under one divine King.
We see a bird’s eye view as we scan through chapters 13 to 27.
26 November          Pride humbled
                               Isaiah 13:1-14:2
3 December            An unforgivable sin?
                               Isaiah 22:1-25
10 December          Holiness to the Lord
                               Isaiah 23:1-18
17 December          The Rock Eternal
The Lord’s Supper  Isaiah 25-26
24 December          Good news, great joy
10.30 All Age
25 December          A Saviour has been born!
10.30 All Age         
31 December         Full for Worship
All Age                    Psalm 100

6.30pm Evening Gathering

Abraham; the early years
The Bible is a book of two halves. Genesis 1-11 and the rest.
We follow the start of God’s magnificent promise to Abraham.
10 September          God’s covenant with Abraham
                                Genesis 12:1-9
17 September          First faltering steps
                                Genesis 12:10-20
24 September          The man of faith
                                 Genesis 13:1-18
1 October                 Blessing through battles
The Lord’s Supper   Genesis 14
8 October                 Getting right with God
Gift & Pledge Day     Genesis 15
Jesus Christ, Son of God
What would happen if God’s King arrived on the earth?
Mark shows us through his gospel the surprising reception.
15 October                Who is Jesus?
Taster Sunday           Mark 1:1-13
22 October                Mission Launch
                                  Mark 1:14-15
29 October                Preaching Purpose
                                  Mark 1:14-45
5 November               Striking Authority
The Lord’s Supper     Mark 2:1-17
12 November              Stubborn Opposition
                                   Mark 2:18-36
19 November              New People Please
                                   Mark 3:7-35
26 November              Kingdom Growth
                                   Mark 4:1-34
3 December                The Powerful Word
The Lord’s Supper     Mark 4:35-5:43
10 December              Prophet without Honour
                                   Mark 6:1-30
17 December             God with us!
Carols by Candlelight
24 December
4pm Christingle
24 December              He shall be called Wonderful
11.15pm Late Night Carols
31 December              True Worship
                                    Psalm 95