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9.30 and 11.15am Morning Gathering

The Crucified King
The pace slows down at the tail end of Mark’s Gospel.
Jesus is moving to the climax of his mission.
Why did he come? What does it mean to follow Him?
18 March                  Jesus, the innocent
The Lord’s Supper   Mark 15:1-15
25 March                  Jesus crucified!
Palm Sunday            Mark 15:16-32
30 March (10.30am) Jesus dies!
Good Friday              Mark 15:33-39
1 April                       He is Risen!
Easter Sunday          Mark 15:40-16.8
8 April                      The Lord, Our Deliverer
                                Psalm 3
15 April                    The Lord, Our Safety
The Lord’s Supper   Psalm 4
Genesis 37-50
We know things about Joseph and his fancy coat.
But join us as we see God’s careful preserving of his people through his chosen leader.
22 April                    The Truth Hurts
                                Genesis 37
29 April                    The Truth Comes Out
                                Genesis 38
6 May                       Visiting Preacher Charles Burgess
Mission Sunday
13 May                    Tempted
                                Genesis 39
20 May                    Revelation and Wisdom
The Lord’s Supper  Revelation 40-41
27 May                    Remorse or Repentance
All Age                    Genesis 42
3 June                     The Great Disclosure
                               Genesis 43-45
10 June                   Future Blessing
                               Genesis 46-47
17 June                   Future Grace
The Lord’s Supper  Genesis 48-49 
24 June                   What if God has given proof of his love?
Taster Sunday        John 19

6.30pm Evening Gathering

Telling the Truth
The good news about Jesus is so good, it’s only natural to share it.
But how? A four week help for speaking about Christ.
18 March                    Belonging to Christ
                                   Mark 9:30-50
25 March                    Entering the kingdom
                                   Mark 10:1-31
29 March (7.30pm)     Living the kingdom
Maundy Thursday      Mark 10:32-52
The victim of Calvary is now loose and at large!
What happens next?
1 April                         Resurrection of Jesus
Easter Sunday            Acts 10:39-43
8 April                         Ascension of Jesus
                                   Acts 1:1-11
15 April                       Return of Jesus
                                   Acts 17:29-24
The state of the church today promotes many questions.
How will God’s people be rebuilt?
Nehemiah teaches us God’s way and God’s timing
22 April                       Meet Nehemiah
                                   Nehemiah 1:1-2:9
29 April                       Rebuilding the Walls
                                   Nehemiah 2:10-4:23
6 May                          Fear God
The Lord’s Supper      Nehemiah 5
13 May                        Strengthen my Hands!
                                   Nehemiah 6-7
20 May                       O Great and Mighty God
                                   Nehemiah 8-10
27 May                        Nehemiah and the People of God
                                   Nehemiah 11-12
3 June                         More Reform Needed!
The Lord’s Supper      Nehemiah 13
God is creating a new society out of all kinds of people.
Ephesians unravels how!
10 June                      Every Spiritual Blessing
                                   Ephesians 1:1-14
17 June                      Incomparably Great Power
                                  Ephesians 1:15-23
24 June                     What is God has given you life after death?
Taster Sunday          John 20:1-31