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9.30 and 11.15am Morning Gathering

How great is our God!
Big Bible books like Isaiah can be daunting. 
Isaiah 1-12 is an overview and brings us face to face with God’s threats and promise and why we need both!
4 June                        Firm in faith?
                                  Isaiah 7:1-8:10
11 June                      Big Day Out Weekend
                                  Acts 2:42-47 (Speaker Richard Hagan)
18 June                      Waiting, not in vain
The Lord’s Supper    Isaiah 8:11-9:7
25 June                      A lesson learnt?
                                  Isaiah 9:8-10:4
2 July                         Forewarned is forearmed
                                  Isaiah 10:5-34
9 July                         A golden age
                                  Isaiah 11:1-12:6
Suffering Well
You only have to live in the world to experience suffering.
What difference does it make to know the living God?
16 July                      God’s framework for suffering
The Lord’s Supper   Psalm 22:1-8
23 July                      God’s purpose in suffering
                                 Job 38:1-11, 42: 1-6
30 July                      God’s grace through suffering
                                 Romans 8:18-39
6 August                   Fix your eyes
All Age                      Hebrews 12:1-3
Walking Wisely
Sometimes the issues of Christian living are “right/wrong”.
Often they need great wisdom and God supplies all we need.
13 August                Wisdom and fear
                                Proverbs 1:1-19
20 August                Guest speaker: Mike Tomlinson
The Lord’s Supper  Genesis 16:1-16
27 August               Wisdom and Faithfulness
                                Proverbs 5:1-23
3 September           Wisdom and Foolishness
All Age                     Proverbs 6: 1-23
Kingdom Growth
Jesus, Jesus quite contentious, how does your kingdom grow?
10 September         The Sowing of the Word
                                Mark 4:1-20
17 September         The Measure of the Word
The Lord’s Supper  Mark 4:21-25
24 September        The Power of the Word
                               Mark 4:26-34                                         

6.30pm Evening Gathering

The Spiral of Failure and Grace
Genesis 1-11 is the seedbed of God’s promises throughout the whole Bible.
What a gracious God to persist with sinful harmony.
28 May                       What’s in a name?
                                   Genesis 5
4 June                        A world under judgement
The Lord’s Supper    Genesis 6
11 June                      Noah and the flood
                                  Genesis 7:1-8:19
18 June                     God’s covenant with man
                                  Genesis 8:20-9:17
25 June                     Noah and the family
                                  Genesis 9:18-29
2 July                         Noah’s sons
The Lord’s Supper    Genesis 10:1-32
9 July                         The tower of Babel
                                  Genesis 11:1-32
The Counter Cultural Christ
The standards and values of our world are turned on their head
by Jesus in the famous “Sermon on the Mount”.
16 July                        In the sight of the Father
                                   Matthew 6:1-4, 16-18
23 July                        In earshot of the Father
                                   Matthew 6:5-15
30 July                        Who do you serve?
                                   Matthew 6:19-24
6 August                    Worry, worry, worry
The Lord’s Supper    Matthew 6:25-34
13 August                  Don’t judge or…
                                  Matthew 7:1-12
20 August                  Guest Speaker: Mike Tomlinson
                                  Psalm 96:1-13
27 August                  Two ways to live
                                  Matthew 7:13-23
3 September             Beware dodgy builders
The Lord’s Supper    Matthew 7:24-29
Abraham; the early years
The Bible is a book of two halves. Genesis 1-11 and the rest.
We follow the start of God’s magnificent promise to Abraham.
10 September          God’s covenant with Abraham
                                 Genesis 12:1-9
17 September          First faltering steps
                                 Genesis 12:10-20
24 September          The man of faith
                                 Genesis 13:1-18