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9.30 and 11.15am Morning Gathering

1 July                        What if God has given proof of his love?
Taster Sunday          John 19
Contending for the Faith
Jude is clear on the need to contend for the faith.
But why do we need to today? And how do we do it?
8 July                        Contending for the faith
                                 Jude 1-4
15 July                      Remembering Christ’s Words
The Lord’s Supper    Jude 5-9
22 July                      Building the faith
                                 Jude 20-25
Everyday Majesty
Jesus begins his ministry and shows his loving concern for the details of people’s lives.
29 July                      Lord of the worlds
                                 Luke 5:1-11
5 August                   Lord of great love
All Age                      Luke 5:12-16
12 August                 Lord of our needs
                                 Luke 5:17-26
19 August                 Our Redeemer
The Lord’s Supper    Ruth
26 August                  Jesus the spiritual doctor
                                  Luke 5:27-32
2 September              Jesus the new wine
                                  Luke 5:33-39
Jesus Wins!
The book of Revelation is a source of enormous encouragement for Christians.
The images, pictures and numbers are there to help us!
9 September              A code to crack?
Commissioning Sunday  Introducing Revelation
16 September            The First and the Last
The Lord’s Supper     Revelation 1
23 September             Letters from heaven
                                   Revelation 2-3
30 September             The Eternal Throne
                                   Revelation 4-5

6.30pm Evening Gathering

1 July                        What is God has given proof of life after death?
Taster Sunday          John 20:1-31
8 July                        TBC
All Under Christ
God is creating a new society out of all kinds of people.
Ephesians unravels how.
15 July                      Christ our peace
                                 Ephesians 2:11-22
22 July                      Mystery made known
                                 Ephesians 3:1-13
29 July                      Surpassing love
                                 Ephesians 3:14-21
5 August                   Unity in diversity
The Lord’s Supper   Ephesians 4:1-16
12 August                 Imitators of God
                                 Ephesians 4:17-5:2
19 August                 Our Redeemer
26 August                 Children of light
                                 Ephesians 5:3-21
2 September             Reverence for Christ
The Lord’s Supper    Ephesians 5:21-6:9
9 September             Strong in the Lord
Commissioning Sunday  Ephesians 6:10-24
Song for Life
The book of Psalms begins by setting the direction of our lives so that we know true blessing and joy.
16 September            Two ways to live
                                  Psalm 1
23 September            God’s laughter
                                  Psalm 2
30 September            The Lord our shield
                                  Psalm 3