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9.30 and 11.15am Morning Gathering

19 March                     Mission Week
The Crux of Life
We follow the final moments of Jesus’ ministry as he goes to the cross.
The fulfillment of God’s plan makes life available for us!
26 March                     Betrayal
The Lord’s Supper      Matthew 27:1-10
2 April                          Trial
                                    Matthew 27:11-26
9 April                          Mockery
Palm Sunday              Matthew 27:27-44
14 April (10.30am)      Forsaken
Good Friday (All Age)  Matthew 27:45-56
16 April                       Risen
Easter Day (All Age)   Matthew 28:1-15
23 April                       Crowned
                                   Matthew 28:16-20
How great is our God!
Big Bible books like Isaiah can be daunting. 
Isaiah 1-12 is an overview and brings us face to face with God’s threats and promise and why we need both!
30 April                       A spiritual check-up
                                   Isaiah 1:1-31
7 May                         The city of the LORD
                                   Isaiah 2:1-4:6
14 May                       Guest Speaker: Steve Smith
Mission Sunday         UK Director Serving in Mission (SIM)
21 May                       A sick society
The Lord’s Supper    Isaiah 5:1-30
28 May                       A transforming vision
                                  Isaiah 6:1-13
4 June                        Firm in faith?
                                  Isaiah 7:1-8:10
11 June                      Big Day Out Weekend
                                  Acts 2:42-47 (Speaker Richard Hagan)
18 June                      Waiting, not in vain
The Lord’s Supper    Isaiah 8:11-9:7
25 June                      A lesson learnt?
                                  Isaiah 9:8-10:4

6.30pm Evening Gathering

The day of the LORD
The day of the LORD spells different things for different people.
The prophet Joel urges people to return to the LORD.
19 February                The day of despair
                                    Joel 1:1-20
26 February                The day to return
                                    Joel 2:1-17
5 March                       The day to rejoice
The Lord’s Supper      Joel 2:18-32
12 March                     The day to respond
                                    Joel 3:1-21
19 March                     Mission Week
2 April                          Money and Possessions
                                    Luke 16:1-15
9 April                          Money and Possessions
                                    2 Corinthians 8:9
13 April (7.30pm)        The Lord’s Supper
Maundy Thursday       Matthew 26:17-30
16 April                        The path to life
Easter Day                  Psalm 16
23 April                        Deliverance from death
                                    Psalm 116
Peace with God
There are few more important chapters of the bible than
Romans 4-5 for understanding what it means to be justified by faith.
Here lies the end of insecurity!    
30 April                      Counted as righteous
                                  Romans 4:1-25  
7 May                         Peace with God
The Lord’s Supper    Romans 5:1-11
14 May                       Guest Speaker: Steve Smith
Mission Sunday         UK Director Serving in Mission (SIM)
21 May                       Overflowing grace
                                  Romans 5:12-21
The Spiral of Failure and Grace
Genesis 1-11 is the seedbed of God’s promises throughout the whole Bible.
What a gracious God to persist with sinful harmony.
28 May                       What’s in a name?
                                   Genesis 5
4 June                        A world under judgement
The Lord’s Supper    Genesis 6
11 June                      Noah and the flood
                                  Genesis 7:1-8:19
18 June                     God’s covenant with man
                                  Genesis 8:20-9:17
25 June                     Noah and the family
                                  Genesis 9:18-29