Upcoming events

Holiday at Home is happening on August 8-10! Come along and enjoy 3 days of enjoyable activities and talks. Each day includes a lunch and short talk from Bible.
The Holiday at Home leaflet is available here and
details about what’s happening each day can be found here
Why not sign up today? To register for Holiday at Home contact the church on 01202 760952, email david@christchurchwestbourne.com or pop into Christ Church Westbourne and pick up a registration form.
Over seven interactive sessions, complemented by a stunning film series, Life Explored helps people uncover what they’re really living for, and shows us how, in Christ, God meets our deepest desire for happiness.

Beginning 27th April, 7.30pm, with refreshments. Contact Andy Nash on 

andy@christchurchwestbourne.com 01202 757945 or to register your interest or find out more.
Wessex Gospel Partnership (WGP) Training
The WGP is a group of Bible believing evangelicals in Dorset who exist to glorify God by growing gospel ministry in the Wessex region.  
We are hosting a training course for those in any kind of gospel ministry.
The course runs fortnightly during this academic year, on Tuesday mornings. 
Contact nick@christchurchwestbourne.com for more information.

A very accessible and informal way for anyone to investigate Christianity for themselves, which is run regularly at Christ Church.

For more information, please contact andy@christchurchwestbourne.com or phone 01202760952

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